Cast bronze, kiln-cast and polished Bullseye glass, leather and copper guild
Height 30cm Width 46cm Depth 27cm
Sylvia I is a triptych which reflects the use of nature as inspiration through my work. The combination of leather and glass resting on bronze with the differing colours and textures portray the natural shades of a tree root covered with fallen snow sitting in an undisturbed forest location. The sculpture being in three parts creates movement portraying the heavy weight of snow causing the piece to move and provide the viewer the opportunity to see within the whole. The gilded face to the leather when seen through the clear cast glass gives this view. The interaction between the individual pieces and their small points of contact on the base reflect the fragility and delicacy of natural materials and how they rest in their environment.
Front side
Front side detail
Rear side
Rear side detail
Sylvia images copyright of Ester Segarra